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Our certified PDR technicians in Lakewood CO provide small and large dent removal and door ding repair services. CALL 720-338-6759.

Door Dings

At Auto-Flex Hail & Dent Removal of Lakewood, CO, we remove small door dings for customers throughout Denver and surrounding areas. Door dings can be pretty annoying and often times they seem to appear from thin air. The usual culprits are stray shopping carts and careless passengers, but dings can happen anywhere at any time. Not only are they ugly, but they can actually have a negative impact on the long term value of your vehicle.

Want to get rid of those ugly door dings for good? Our expert paintless dent repair technicians can remove minor dents, dings, or creases without so much as a drop of paint out of place. Also known as PDR, this is the quickest, most effective and most affordable method for removing door dings. We are much more affordable than conventional body shop repairs because we don’t use any paints or fillers. All of our repairs are 100% non-invasive and won’t harm the value of your paint job.

Minor Door Ding
Large Car Door Dent

Minor & Large Dents

Paintless dent repair is an incredibly versatile trade that can fix virtually any ding that has appeared on a surface panel. Small, medium, or large, we’ll make sure to remove it without a trace. However, there a few factors that limit the damage we service.

One such factor is the size of the dent. While we can fix a ding from a pebble, a huge welt from a basketball, and everything in between, the former tends to be much more challenging. Very small dings often have a sharp, deep center. This causes the metal to become taught and difficult to work with. At this point, the risk of tearing the metal is too great to consider PDR. Next time you see a dent, upload a picture of the damage through our contact form for a free quote!

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